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Military Cable Assembly

The military and aerospace cable assembly market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and accounts for 11% of the world’s total market for cable assemblies.


In this White Paper we will look at where future growth in the industry is coming from, how military cable assembly differs from other cable assembly manufacturing and what you need to consider when choosing a reliable company to undertake your military cable assembly.


Cable Assembly

Cable assembly is the process by which a string of cables all transmitting information via electrical currents, are clamped together. Construction machinery, automotive, medical, and aerospace and the military tend to use cable assembly considerably. Cable assemblies need to be able to withstand the high vibrations exerted upon them by machinery when they are in operation.

Cable assemblies also offer particular levels of protection. They protect cables against moisture and are generally a lot easier to install as you only need to use one connector for connection as opposed to connecting all separate wires individually.


Military cable assembly must be done to certain higher defence standards.

These defence standards ensure quality during the production of military equipment and are important in order to ensure that the cable will be able to perform in the extreme conditions often required of military equipment, especially those associated with extreme heat and the extreme cold.


Growth in the Military Cable Assembly Market

Cable assemblies represent approximately 0.9% of all overall military spending and as you would expect, military cable assembly as an industry is largely dependent on the overall military spending of particular countries.

A recent report from Bishop and Associates found that on average, over the last five years, governments worldwide on average have consistently spent 2.7% of their gross domestic product on military expenditures.


In 2010, China had the most growth in demand for military cable assembly at 21%, and Japan had the least growth, at 8%.

While growth in China remains strong, the US market also looks likely to grow, largely because it remains the biggest exporter of arms in the world. The Bishop and Associates report found that the sale of advanced military hardware to areas such as the Middle East and Taiwan will help maintain the cable assembly market for mil/aero products in 2011 and 2012.


Outside of China and the US markets, the European demand for military cable assembly is predicted to shrink over the next five years as NATO countries such as the UK and France, look to make budget cuts and pool military resources. India, however, could look to increase its military expenditure over the next five years.

As a whole, analysts expect the worldwide market for military/aerospace cable assemblies to grow by approximately 2% in 2011, to a total value of $12.9 billion.


Choosing a Military Cable Assembly Company

Due to the more complex requirements of most military cable assembly builds, compared to normal cable assembly builds, there are a number of considerations to take on board when considering choosing a relevant cable assembly manufacturer for your military cable project.


The first is to use a company with experience in working with military cable and military cable assemblies. Due to the differences and the standards military cable assembly must meet it is important to use an experienced company.

It is also important that you can track and check all of the components used within the cable assembly so that you can be sure they have a certificate of conformance to military spec conditions. Manufacturers can benefit from specific, custom-made designs for their own military cable assembly requirements when outsourcing.


Just one benefit of outsourcing military cable assembly to an external company is that you can benefit from in-depth expertise and experience when it comes to building custom designs.


Outsourcing cable assembly to Asia is often recognised as a cheap option in terms of price, but is probably not right for specific military specification cable assembly.


Issues such as security concerns, language barriers, time differences, shipping and increased management time, as well as quality issues, can mean that outsourcing abroad becoms more expensive than choosing a reliable domestic expert.


Military cable assembly demand is set to grow in the coming years, with both the Chinese and American markets leading the way.

In this White Paper we have looked briefly at what industries and sectors are set to see growth in demand; how military cable assembly differs slightly to standard cable assembly and why outsourcing your mil-spec cable assembly to a reputable domestic company, experienced in cable wire assembly design and build is more than likely to be a great solution to your


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