Ribbon & Flat Cables

Ribbon / Flat Cables And Assemblies

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd provides Ribbon / Flat cables and assemblies made up
from a wide variety of connector types.

We use a wide range of tooling for Ribbon / Flat Cable assembly.

Automated stripping and press crimp machines offer us the ability to price competitively with a shorter delivery lead-time.

Popular types of connectors available with IDC termination suitable for ribbon cable include:

  • BT224 connector — also defined by BS9525-F0023, DIN41651, MIL-C-83503 standards ; these are the type used on ATA cables and are often simply called ‘IDC connectors’. They mate with either a purpose-made plug or a two-row grid of header pins with 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) spacing.
  • D-subminiature connector — Used for serial ports and printer ports (however IDC D connectors are far less common than crimp and solder bucket types).
  • DIN41612 connector — Used for Eurocard buses.
  • PCB transition headers — Has two rows of pins with the same spacings as BT244 connectors. Intended to be soldered directly into a PCB.
  • DIL headers — Has pins with the same spacings as standard DIL ICs.