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Overmoulding Solutions – Custom Overmoulded Cable Assemblies

The process of low pressure overmoulding around other components provides extra protection and strain relief to cables ensuring that the interface between the cable and backshell of the connector are not damaged.

Cable overmoulding is an innovation positioned between potting and injection moulding technologies.

From the design stage of your project, we have the capability and experience to advise you and help you design the cable loom to suit your requirements, using a combination of bespoke build-to-order and off- the shelf products.

Assembly Overmould Design

Custom cables, connectors, and backshells for military and industrial applications.

Custom Moulds for Industry Specific Markets

Our expertise consists of working with customers in the medical, defence, aerospace and electronics industries.

Custom Tooled Mould Casts

Logos, letters, numbers, designators, and names.





Over-moulding connectors as part of a cable assembly no longer requires high volume production to cover the cost of tooling.

Advantages of Low Pressure Overmoulding

  • No damage to the electrical parts & gentle pre-moulding of connectors
  • Extremely durable
  • Improved reliability
  • Complete sealing of the components – Watertight encapsulation
  • Short cycle time to completion (15 – 45 seconds)
  • No hazardous fumes from materials
  • Non-toxic, single component, (UL94-V0) approved
  • Suitable alternative to conformal coating
  • RoHS compliant

There Are Many Benefits of Overmoulding:

  • Rugged , almost unbreakable protection – resistance to shock
  • Effective strain relief
  • Attractive – Option to mould company logos or part numbers
  • Maintain shielding for EMC & EMI properties
  • Mould in bushes or other mechanical fixings easily
  • Tamperproof and environmentally sealed

Our Overmoulding Service

  • Design to delivery custom made cables
  • 3D Cad facility
  • Bespoke packaging and labelling on request
  • 100% quality assurance and testing
  • Excellent support and outstanding service