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Hunter Cable Assembly are able to provide you the following products and services:


Cable Assembly, Wiring Harness and Cable Looms

Hunter Cable Assembly also supply you with parts based on your specification, following your drawings or samples, or we can help in the design of your product using our experience and expertise.


Box Build Solutions / Panel Assembly and Control Panel Manufacture

Manufacture of Nuclear Control Panels, Utilities Control Panels, Automotive Control Panels, Construction Control Panels & Industrial Control Panels.


Military Standard Cable Manufacturing

Custom military cable assemblies and connectors meet MIL-STD requirements terminated with MIL standard connectors.


Overmoulding Solutions with optional 3D CAD Design and Development

Hunter Cable Assembly can provide a wide range of overmoulding options. With our in-house 3D CAD design solution and our professional approach and highly skilled staff, we can ensure quality and consistency for full build compliance with your specifications to BS ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.


mixed cables from Hunter Cable Assembly


We can provide design prototypes and small sample runs for testing and trials.


Waterproof Solutions and Heavy Duty Cable Work

Broad range of connector types with M8, M12, M16, DIN, D-SUB termination available to ensure secure connection even in harsh environments.


Cost down programmes

Hunter Cable Assembly can help you generate cost savings by using our broad range of suppliers to source the components or suitable alternatives at the lowest cost and the shortest lead times to improve the efficiency of production.


Design for manufacture support

Hunter Cable Assembly works with many of its customers both as a designer or as part of the design team to add its knowledge to their product development.


Design for quality support

With our professional approach and highly skilled technical staff, we can ensure quality and consistency, full build compliance with your drawings, specifications and instructions to BS ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. All our products had been 100% tested to our customer requirement.



Hunter Cable Assembly offers stock holding, scheduled orders and 'call off' service to minimize lead time with no restriction on batch size to suit your needs.


Wire Processing / Wire and Cable Preparation

wire processing services at Hunter Cable AssemblyWith our cable cutting and stripping machine and the de-reeling machine Hunter Cable Assembly are able to fulfill your requirements, from the high voltage heavy-duty or the complex dual screened multi core cables to single wires, even when large quantities of cutting, striping or crimping are needed, no matter how complex it is.


Wire Processing Service:

  • Cut & Strip Wires & Cables
  • Wire & Cable Printing
  • Crimping
  • Wire Links for PCBs, Control Panels, Earth Cables
  • Tin Dipping
  • Cable Finishing before moulding
  • Cable Coiling
  • Cable Winding
  • Cable Soldering
  • Cable Connectors


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