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Why Use a Cable Loom?

Imagine for a minute, the wires in your car were not bound together and were all running about separately to each other. The safety risks are immediately evident.

Custom Cable Looms A Cable Loom is Safer

Not just in the context of a car, the telecommunications, construction, medical and military fields use cable looms to eliminate the risk of loose cables. Putting all the wires into one harness means that they can be better protected from water and electro magnetic interference. By overmoulding wires and components, the cable loom can be further shielded by a protective layer.

A Cable Loom is Simpler

Only having one harness to install makes the installation process simpler and easier to standardise and carry out safely as part of a custom cable assembly process.

A Cable Loom is Customisable

Hunter Cable Assembly offer cable looms for a range of industries and purposes. We only manufacture wire harnesses to the highest safety standards. All of our cable looms are tested using a test board to ensure the functionality and quality of our harnesses.

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