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What is a Coaxial Cable Assembly?

A coaxial cable assembly combines two conductors into a single assembly.

Coaxial Cable Coss Section


The assembly consists of four layers, two of which can conduct electricity while the other two act as insulators. The innermost layer consists of a copper wire, which is surrounded by a protective layer of insulation. Braided copper wire is then wrapped around this insulation to form the second conductor. The entire cable is then covered with an outer layer of insulation to protect the conductors from damage and interference.

Coaxial cable assemblies can be found in a variety of home electronics applications including televisions, DVD players, computer networks and printers. These cables are also widely used to carry radio signals in both consumer and industrial applications.

In a coaxial cable assembly, alternating electrical currents run continuously through both conductors. Provided inner layer of insulation between the two conductors keeps them at a constant distance from one another, each will supply a smooth and constant stream of electrical current.

The standard coaxial cable assembly features "RF" or "F-pin" connectors at either end, which are widely used for home electronic devices. They can be plugged directly into most modern electronics.

One of the primary benefits of the coaxial cable assembly is that the length of the cable has no effect on performance. These cables also make it easy for homeowners to connect different types of devices without extensive wiring or electrical experience.

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