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Don't splash out on protecting your cable assemblies from the elements!

Waterproof Connectors Moisture trapped inside a connector can causes severe corrosion of shields and conductors, especially if cleaning is less than meticulous when the connector is applied. Even if corrosion were not to develop, moisture present in the connector can change the characteristic impedance of the cable. A change in impedance can increase in signal reflection (VSWR), resulting in an unreliable or failed system.

Hunter Cable Assemblies (HCAL) offer a complete sealing of the components in a watertight assembly by potting, encapsulating or over moulding the cables and connectors.





Potting is the immersion of or part of a cable assembly into a liquid resin until all components are covered. This protects the electrical components from humidity, dust, vibrations and shock.


Encapsulation involves building a mould or frame around an object filling the space between the frame and the object with a thermosetting material, waiting for the resin to cure, and then removing the frame.

Cable Over Moulding

Military Overmould Cable Overmoulding is an innovation positioned between potting and injection moulding technologies. Low pressure over moulding creates a rugged tamperproof protection for cables and connectors. It is a low cost solution to protect your sensitive electronic assemblies from the elements and wear.

HCAL also supply waterproof connectors and cables as a fully finished and tested cable assembly.

- High quality industry standard waterproof connectors and assemblies same performance, lower cost.

- Circular M8, M12 and M16 IP67 waterproof connectors, designed for process control applications.
- DIN 43650 solenoid connectors - A range of high quality connectors for sensor and solenoid connections.


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