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Cable Assemblies for Military Communication Solutions

tank Communications systems for use in combat operations require unique considerations compared to non-military, commercial communications systems. Many of the voice, video, and data systems used by the military are mobile and designed for rapid deployment in harsh environments.
The constant jostling, vibration, and even major shock experienced in combat could potentially disable a vital communication system.
When designing a communications network for military applications all the factors listed above must be taken into consideration.

Copper Ethernet Cabling: Category 5e/6

military-cable Sometimes fiber optic systems cannot be used in the military communications systems due to legacy equipment or purely on purpose. In this case category rated copper infrastructure products are required.
Shielded twisted pair cabling is used to lessen the effects of potentially data damaging Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) by either reflecting the EMI/RFI or by picking up the interference on the shielding and then conducting it to the ground. In order for this shielding to work both shielded cable and shielded connectors must be used and the entire system must be properly grounded.
Many styles of military grade connectors are used including transversely sealed jack and plug options in Zinc Nickel which provides an excellent level of corrosion protection or Anodized finish that also increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance. These types of military connectors feature a compression nut that establishes the cable strain relief thus keeping the connection even when bumped or hit.

Jacket type compounds for cabling systems

A very popular jacket type compound used in military cabling system is Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH). LSZH cable produces very little smoke and no Halogens such as Fluorine, Chlorine, and Bromine which can cause harm to expensive communications equipment as well as endanger human lives. LSZH cables will self extinguish and are used extensively in shipboard, aerospace and mobile vehicle applications where confined space communications/networking is prevalent.

Overmoulding for Impact, Security & Vibration protection

Overmoulded components provide very good protection against impact and vibration. All connectors, soldered components and wires are tamperproof, waterproof and environmentally encapsulated in place. This is very effective for the military, aerospace and technology industries where motion, vibration and impact are a concern.

Custom Design Cable Solutions

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd (HCAL) experienced engineers understand the requirement needed for military standard cable harnesses. Their assessment is passed directly to our design department who produce the technical CAD drawings, ready for production. Our skilled designers are able to balance particular requirements of size, weight, technical specification and legislative or environmental demands to produce a custom cable solution to your requirements.