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Custom Cable Assemblies for the Entertainment Industry


Cables for Music Industry With summer time just around the corner it’s time to pull out the hats and sun cream from behind your cupboard and head down to one of the many music festivals on the go. Have you ever actually thought about what makes the music and visual effects so amazing, aside from the talent on stage. I can assure you that there are a lot of cables involved.


Lights, Sound, Camera …


Whether it’s a one-off festival or for a permanent venue such as a theatre. Sound quality is of paramount importance and we can advise you on how to manufacture your cables to avoid sound interference and maintain the purest possible sound quality. The success of large concerts depends on having high quality, tested cables to carry the sound to the audience’s ears. Speakers need to be properly wired and set up and your connectors need to be in good condition as they are bound to get a few knocks and bumps during performances.


… Action!


Hunter Cable Assembly provide custom cable assemblies and cable looms for gantry rigs, speakers and mixing desks. If you are planning a music event this summer and looking for a custom cable solution to ensure audio visual side of things goes smoothly then contact Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd today on 01189 325 120 or send us an email to sales@hcal.co.uk and we will be able to advise.