Why outsource your Cable Assembly? – White Paper

In this White Paper, we will look at why companies should look to outsource their cable assembly operations, analysing the positives such a method will have on their overall business. We will also look at why outsourcing cable assembly to cheaper overseas labour markets is not always the best solution. Download article as a PDF

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Ribbon Cable & Ribbon Cable Assembly – White Paper

In this White Paper we will look at what ribbon cable is, its uses in electrical manufacturing and issues to consider when choosing the right ribbon cable supplier. Additionally, this white paper will look at manufacturing considerations, such as what connector types are suitable for ribbon cable and why outsourcing your ribbon cable assembly is [...]

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Military Cable Assembly – White Paper

The military and aerospace cable assembly market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and accounts for 11% of the world’s total market for cable assemblies. In this White Paper we will look at where future growth in the industry is coming from, how military cable assembly differs from other cable assembly manufacturing and what [...]

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Custom Cable Assembly – White Paper

Cable Assembly is the process by which a string of cables all transmitting information via electrical currents, are clamped together. It is cable assembly that is bespoke, working to a unique design where a unique custom-made cable assembly is used, as well as other custom builds, such as non-standard connectors. In this White Paper we [...]

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Do you do Box Builds?

Yes. We provide a full product build for some customers, from part purchasing to final assembly. For others we do partial assembly or build from units.

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Do you do Overmoulding?

Yes, Hunter Cable Assembly provides overmoulding solutions for a range of customer applications. These can be for both cosmetic results i.e. company logo display to utility results, strain relief and waterproofing.

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