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Custom Cable Assembly and Additional Services In Berkshire

Hunter Cable Assembly is a specialist custom cable assembly firm that have over 30 years of experience in the industry. For anyone seeking specific cable combinations and other wiring products, a company like Hunter Cable Assembly are a leading solution.



Custom Cable Assembly Like No Other


A majority of the time people can be satisfied with the standard cables they receive for a range of electrical products, however more often than not alterations need to be made and when it comes to highly technical items such as this, it’s best to enlist the craftsmanship of experienced professionals.


Hunter Cable Assembly differentiates themselves from other custom cable assembly companies as they design, manufacture and distribute their cables. Creating cables is an intricate and skilled process and you need to trust that the custom cable assembly makers are able to meet your requirements in an accurate and cost effective manner.



Extensive Range of Custom Cables and Services


Having such extensive experience in the industry, Hunter Cable Assembly have generated a catalogue of cable/wiring assemblies plus other related services.


Cable loom production for example is an area in which they excel in, providing multiple types that are suitable for use in various industries, depending on your requirements. Alongside looms you can also utilise the following products and services:

  • Military cables
  • Overmoulding
  • Box/Panel Assembly
  • Ribbon/Flat Cables
  • Waterproof Cables and more.



Why Choose Hunter Cable Assembly?


The main benefit of custom cable assembly is that there are hardly any limitations on what you can request.

Hunter Cable Assembly is more than willing and capable of producing what you need, regardless of quantity or complexity.


To make an enquiry on the services you require contact the Berkshire based cable assembly firm
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