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Custom Cable Assemblies For A Military Environment

High performance custom cable assemblies are available from Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd (HCAL) for use in a range of industries, including the military. Unlike the bespoke cable requirements of commercial businesses, cables needed for a military environment have a greater requirement for strong and long lasting performance.


Custom Cable Assemblies In The Military

The military environment varies in conditions, from harsh weather on land, at sea and in the air. Therefore the custom cable assemblies used need to be of the highest quality in order to provide assurance of their guaranteed performance in any unexpected conditions. All our cables go through rigorous quality control by experienced Cable Personnel and Inspectors at key stages of production. Therefore you can be confident that each cable provided in your batch is up to military standards.

In addition to cable assembly, wire harnesses specifically for military use can also be developed.

This includes wiring in military vehicles as well as other general military wiring for:

  • Ground support
  • Communications
  • Digital and Analog data
  • Field radios
  • Training aids
  • Low smoke / Zero halogen and more.

A Range of Custom Cable Assemblies and Quality Services

At HCAL small to large order sizes can be easily made and satisfied, courtesy of our close, strategic partnerships with manufacturers in the Far East who specialise in the production of a range of custom cable assemblies and other similar items or services like
wire harnesses, over moulded cables, box/panel assembly, waterproof cables and more.

For larger orders a full programme of production can be arranged with a project manager to ensure all the materials required are produced to your exact specifications. A range of production techniques are used in order to facilitate cost effective and efficient processes.


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