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Cost Effective Overmoulded Cable Solutions

The technology required to overmould cables no longer requires you to be producing a large number of cables to be cost effective.

We can produce overmoulded cable solutions in the quantities that you require at a cost your business can afford.

Overmoulding simply means placing moulding around electrical components to full or partially encapsulate them. At Hunter Cable Assembly we can advise you on the design of a cable loom that meets your needs and lead you through the concept, design and manufacturing stages of the process.


What are the benefits of overmoulded cables?

Overmoulded cables are extremely rugged and durable. Overmoulding improves the reliability of your wiring systems as it means that the cables are properly protected. The process of overmoulding is gentler and lower pressure than injection moulding. This means that the components are not likely to be damaged by the process. The wires are also protected so that they do not suffer from Electro Magnetic Interference. Water and wires clearly do not mix. Overmoulding also means that the components are encapsulated and contained in a way that is totally watertight. There are important safety benefits of overmoulded cables, which include the elimination of hazardous fumes from materials. All of our custom cable assemblies are RoSH compliant, which means that they are produced to the highest possible electrical safety standards.


Overmoulded cables for your business

Overmoulding is perhaps the best and most cost effective technology you could use to protect your electrical components. Using the overmoulding process improves the reliability of your components, ensuring that they are adequately protected.


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