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Wiring Harness - Essential Need for All Industries

Wiring harnesses have become an essential industry requirement. Wire harnesses require less time in final assembly and are used in a large variety of sectors including Automation, Access Control and Automobile sectors. Harnesses are not only used in transferring electric current, but are also capable of transferring electronic signals and sound, therefore becoming an integral part of Sound Engineering and Information Technology (IT) sectors.

Two main categories of wire harnesses, based on their use are Industrial Wiring Harnesses and Automotive Wiring Harnesses.

Industrial Wiring Harness

Irrelevant of the size of the industry, electrical and electronic equipment are essential. Wire harnesses are required for systems to run smoothly, particularly in the development of access control systems for security.


Additionally, major consumers of innovative plug and play wiring harnesses are defence organisations, who rely on custom designed wire harnesses in several crucial applications like Naval Radar Systems, Air Defence Control System, Aircrafts, and Nuclear Leak Detection.

Automotive Wiring Harness

The Automobile sector is among the largest consumer of various wiring harnesses. Vehicles require several types of wiring looms to install the lighting system, sound system, as well as access control of vehicles.


Wire harness manufacturers offer reliable "Plug & Play" based wiring solutions which accelerate the vehicle production process. Specially designed wiring harnesses reduce finalising the production of a vehicle.


Wire Harnessing has now made it very easy for vehicle owners to take care of several common needs of their vehicles. They do not need to go to service centres for fixing sound system or lighting in their vehicles.


The innovative technology and strict quality policy implemented during the manufacturing of wire harnesses leaves no chance of fault and makes it a pleasure to use them.

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