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Wire Harness Assemblies for Manufacturing Projects

For the successful completion of many manufacturing projects you will need a wire harness assembly. Combining your cable or wires into one harness allows both electricity and electronic information to be transferred efficiently. Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd provides wire harness assemblies to ensure that your electrical projects are completed to the highest possible standards. We apply rigorous testing to all of the assemblies that we build.


Wire Harness Assemblies Are Built By Hand


Where required we put together our wire harness assemblies by hand as part of our careful manufacturing process. Wires are carefully organised and we can colour code the ends of the harnesses to make it easy to match up and install the cables. Harnesses can be completely sealed from their surroundings. They can be encapsulated by either the process of potting or overmoulding to ensure that the cables are totally waterproof and that they will not be subject to Electro Magnetic Interference.


Custom Cable Assembly Solutions


We can create custom cable assembly solutions that are designed to fit the needs of your machinery and projects. We listen to our customers to learn what it is that they are looking for and create a solution that meets their needs. We will look at your drawings and gain an understanding of exactly what it is that you need so that we can create a bepsoke solution that meets your requirements.

For all of your wire harness assembly requirements please contact Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd on 0118 9325 120 or send an email to sales@hcal.co.uk.