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Sourcing The Best Components For Your Custom Cable Assemblies

We assist clients who are need custom cable assemblies to complete their products and projects. Sometimes clients will need a very specialised part or component. At Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd we have developed long standing relationships with suppliers in both electrical and mechanical distributing, which allow us to source the components that you need to make your project a success."


Fully Project Managed Custom Cable Assembly Solutions


However, the success of a project is not about simply being able to obtain a specific electrical part; it is more about having the knowhow to put all of the plans together. At Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd we always say that we help businesses that are looking for a solution, rather than just a part. Our 30 years of experience in providing custom cable assemblies mean that we can apply our knowledge to your projects to make them a success. We take time to understand our clients’ requirements from the concept stage, through the design stage and right through the implementation and testing stages. What we offer is a fully-project managed solution which allows you to focus on the other parts of your projects. You can leave us to worry about where the parts will come from and how your custom cable assemblies will fit together.


Custom Cable Assemblies You Can Depend On


Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd tests its custom cable assembly solutions to meet the most rigorous quality testing standards. The Quality Management processes that we apply to our projects meet the stringent British safety requirements. As experts in the field of cable looms and wire harness assemblies, you can count on our custom cable assembly solutions to work and do what you need them to do.

To find out more about our fully project-managed services please contact us on 0118 9325 120 or send an email to sales@hcal.co.uk.