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Hunter Cable Assembly has received a significant increase in the requirement for Medical Cables and Encapsulation of Electronics within Medical Cables

In most cases the requirement for adding electronic circuitry to Medical Equipment is timely, expensive and incurs the additional cost of redesigning. By Encapsulating the electronics in an external housing connected through a cable allows devices to be compatible to the latest technologies."

Methods for Encapsulation are: Potting Over-moulding Hybrid Enclosures Clamshell Enclosures




The procedure of potting electronic components is a well established process used to protect delicate circuitry. This offers protection to mechanical Shock, Vibration, Chemical Attack, Humidity and Extreme Temperatures.




It is the process of over-moulding around other components to fully or partially encapsulate it. There are many benefits of over-moulding: Rugged , almost unbreakable protection - resistance to shock Effective strain relief Attractive - Option to mould company logos or part numbers Maintain shielding for EMC & EMI properties Mould in bushes or other mechanical fixings easily Tamperproof and environmentally sealed


Hybrid Enclosures


These enclosures are a combination of hard plastic cases over-moulded with a softer thermoplastic material. The case is filled with a light weight potting material before being over-moulded. Benefits are: Protection to the electronic components from the temperature and pressure of direct over-moulding allowing a lighter weight assembly using a lighter fill material.


Clamshell Enclosures


One common alternative to directly over-molding electronic circuit boards is using two injection-moulded clamshell pieces that fit together, holding the electronics package. This enclosure may be a simple box with a top, or more sophisticated with interlocking groves and a gasket to achieve a waterproof seal. Stock clamshell enclosures are available from a variety of sources, but they are rarely found in the exact configuration needed. Openings for cables or connectors may not be present, may not be in the right location or of the right size. Rarely do stock enclosures have appropriate features to mount PCB’s or provide anchor points for cables or wiring.

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