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Custom Cable Assemblies For The Entertainment Industry

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd provides custom cable assemblies, wire harness assemblies and cable looms to a broad range of industries. We help clients who need rugged custom cable assemblies that must be able to withstand extremes of temperature for military purpose, we help clients who need custom cable assemblies for the most delicate of scientific instruments, but we also help clients in the music industry. This is where our work can be a little bit more glamorous.



Mixing It Up With Our Custom Cable Assemblies


We can provide custom cable assemblies and cable looms for gantry rigs, speakers and mixing cables. This might be for a one-off festival or for a permanent venue such as a theatre. Sound quality is of paramount importance and we can advise you on how to position your cables to avoid sound interference and maintain the purest possible sound quality. The success of large concerts depends on having high quality, tested cables to carry the sound to the audience’s ears. Speakers need to be properly wired and set up. It’s vital that your connectors are in good condition. Connectors must be resilient too, as they are bound to get a few knocks and bumps during performances.



Custom Cable Assemblies For Your Music Events


If you are planning music events and know that you need a custom cable solution to make sure that the audio visual side of things goes smoothly then contact Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd today on 01189 325 120

Send us an email tosales@hcal.co.uk and we will be able to advise.