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Custom Cable Assemblies For Military Purposes

We are able to provide highly specialised cable assemblies for military environments. Cable assemblies in a military situation have to work. They also need to be built to withstand a tough outdoor environment. This is where the reliability that custom Cable assemblies solutions from Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd provide is vital.


Highly Specialised Equipment Needs Our Custom Cable Assembly Solutions


We produce custom cable assemblies for highly specific purposes. You might need cable assemblies for military helmet connection cables, helmet internal microphone cables or military radios. We also provide wire harness assembly solutions for military vehicles and turrets. We have the technology to overmould and pot cables and to make them totally waterproof for when you require a system that works underwater. We are able to apply our 30 year of experience to a variety of military projects and work to your specifications to produce the solutions that our military customers need.


Custom Cable Assemblies That Withstand Extreme Situations


Our custom cable assemblies are built to meet your specifications. We will make sure that cable assemblies designed for a military situation are highly durable and able to withstand extreme climates and temperatures. It’s important that what we build stands the test of extremes of hot and cold. Our solutions are rugged and thoroughly quality tested to ensure that they are made to the highest standards of durability and fit to operate in military theatre.

For more information about custom cable assemblies for a military environment, please contact us on 01189 325 120 or send an email to sales@hcal.co.uk.