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Detailed below are a few examples of common custom cable assemblies.


Types Of Cable Assemblies


Network Patch Leads: These are optical or electrical cables that can connect or patch a single electronic or optical device to another for routing. Different devices are used to connect with patch leads.


Audio Leads: Whether connecting a home audio system, enhancing a musical instrument or creating a PA sound system, the audio leads create that vital link between the different electronic devices used.


Multi-core Data Cables: These flexible custom cable assemblies are used for wiring of high density between components and inside electronic equipment and instruments. They are used extensively in aircraft, process control, data processors, computers, and military vehicles.


Braid Straps: These tubular sheaths are made of braided metal strands that are placed around a central cable for protecting against any electromagnetic interference. The braid is grounded whereas the central conductors carry the signal.


Coiled Cable Assemblies: These are shielded cables which are used in extendable lead form. They are flexible and durable, and use good quality materials for craftsmanship and engineering.


The Need For Custom Cable Assemblies In Different Industries

Aviation: Communication between the ground and air is vital. Custom cable assemblies ensure a reliable connection between flight control and the aircraft. The cables are also used for in-flight entertainment systems and in-flight cargo monitoring.


Medical: A number of doctors and nurses rely on custom cable assemblies to provide an appropriate treatment and diagnosis of ailments. For instance, a cable inside the MRI scanner should combine the different functions to save space as well as match the stress of continued flexing due to the performance of the machine.


Security: CCTV cameras need concrete data connection for monitoring potential wrongdoings and convict the miscreants. Custom cables are often used to ensure reliable connection. It is also essential to make sure that the cables are protected inside.


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