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Why Wireless Connections are not always the best option?


Wireless Data Connections are obviously more convenient than Wired Data Connections. Wired Data Connections, however, still offers the advantage of a safer, faster, more reliable connection. We explore these benefits required in a corporate environment.


  • Security
    Even if you’re using modern WPA2-PSK to secure your Wi-Fi, people could theoretically try to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you’re using a wired Ethernet network, people can only connect if they can physically plug a device into your router. A wired infrastructure offers control over your network. If a physical connection is needed to access the corporate network, the business is in full control of who and what gets online.
  • How Much Faster is Ethernet?
    For businesses that regularly need speed and reliability, a wired set-up is the best way to go.
    Although Wi-Fi has gotten significantly faster over the last few years, a wired Ethernet connection can theoretically offer up to 10 Gb/s, if you have a Cat-6 cable. Even the Cat-5e cable in common use supports for up to 1 Gb/s.
  • Cost Effective
    Even at the lengths needed to cover an average office – a cabled infrustructure remains a cost effective option.
    Ethernet cables, hubs and switches are inexpensive. Some connection sharing software packages are free others cost a nominal fee. Broadband routers cost more, but these are optional components of a wired LAN, and their higher cost is offset by the benefit of easier installation and built-in security features.
  • How Much Less Latency Does Ethernet Offer?
    If you’re just streaming Netflix, the difference in latency won’t matter.With Wi-Fi, there’s a bit more of a delay when signals travel back and forth between a Wi-Fi device and your wireless router. With a wired Ethernet connection, there’s less latency.
  • Interference
    Wi-Fi is subject to more interference than a wired connection.With Wi-Fi, many more things can interfere. Your neighbors’ networks, other devices using Wi-Fi, and objects in the way can all cause problems. If you’re moving around, your signal may be stronger in some places than others. Ethernet cables can also experience signal degradation, but it’s easier to manage and avoid.


Benefits of Wired Connection
Control and security
Reliability and speed
Less Latency
Less Interference

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