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sometimes, when you just cannot think out of the BOX...

then you need Box-Build Assembly Service from Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd




Box-build assembly:


many companies these days are outsourcing the manufacture and test of system and sub-assemblies in order to release their own skilled production staff for higher level and higher value production operations.


This has important benefits for their operations and supply chain:

  • Increased capacity with no increase in staff
  • Reduced purchasing overhead only one PO to place
  • No yield or stock shrinkage issues
  • Reduced WIP
  • Freeing up in house production operators for higher value tasks


Hunter Cable Assembly has the capability to source materials, assemble and test complete electronic systems no matter how simple or complex.


Hunter Cable Assembly already provides box building services for customers in the industrial, scientific instruments, water utilities and traffic management industries.


If you are not sure if this could be of benefit to your company why not call us to discuss how we can help. Do not hesitate, contact our sales team to discuss your requirements now!