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The Complexities Of Custom Cable Assemblies

Complex Custom Cable Assemblies

Difficulties arise when pre fabricated cables cannot meet the standards and requirements of your project. With custom cable assemblies you have the opportunity to design a cable that matches your requirements. During the assembly process, your custom cable will be designed, drawn, prototyped and the manufactured. With a variety of uses, custom cables can vary in complexity relative to their use.

The types of custom cable assemblies available are:

      • Multi-core
      • IDC Flat Ribbon
      • Multi-core Data Cables
      • Network Patch Leads
      • Audio Leads
      • Coaxial/Triaxial
      • Coiled Cable
      • Cat 5/6e Cables

    The second stage of custom cable assembles is the cable harness. Ranging from simple to complex, cables harnesses incorporate cables and wires into a single loom which makes the installation process much easier.

    Cables harnesses are available for use in:

        • Military Wiring
        • Panel Wiring
        • Vehicle Wiring
        • Industrial and Commercial
        • Traffic Management
        • Scientific Instrumentation
        • Datacomms & Telecomms
        • Security
        • Medical
        • Audio/Visual

      Quality Custom Cables Assemblies

      Offering full programme and project management, HCAL can provide expert advice for all your cable harness and custom cable requirements. Trained and certified to the IPC620 Quality and Acceptance regulations, our staff can ensure a high level of workmanship and excellent service. Whatever your custom cable assemblies needs, we are sure to be able to fulfil them.

      For more information about custom cables and harness from HCAL, call 01189 325 120.