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Why Wireless Connections are not always the best option?


Wireless Data Connections are obviously more convenient than Wired Data Connections. Wired Data Connections, however, still offers the advantage of a safer, faster, more reliable connection. We explore these benefits required in a corporate environment.

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Cable Assembly Solutions in the Growing Security Market


In our modern society, safety and security concerns are a topic on almost everybody’s mind. Electronic security systems such as access control systems, fire alarm equipment, CCTV and other surveillance equipment are fast becoming a necessity for private or business use.

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Ruggedised Cable Assemblies


Designed for the rigors of daily use in manufacturing, automation and harsh environments

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What is a Coaxial Cable?


A coaxial cable assembly combines two conductors into a single assembly. The assembly consists of four layers, two of which can conduct electricity while the other two act as insulators.

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Imagine for a minute, the wires in your car were not bound together and were all running about separately to each other. The safety risks are immediately evident.

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Amphenol 62GB Series Connectors
MIL-DTL-26482 Performance Without Mis-Mating


Amphenol’s 62GB series connectors are similar to MIL-DTL-26482 but with the advantage of keyway orientation to reduce mis-mating among multiple connectors.

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Box Build Assemblies designed specifically to your needs


A box build assembly converts a set of electronic components into a fully working product, such as a smoke detector or a garage door opener.

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A bit wet outside? Protect your cable assemblies with a watertight solution.


When wire and cable products are exposed to water or excessive moisture, the components may be damaged due to mildew or corrosion. This damage can result in insulation or termination failures.

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Medical Cable Assemblies
Where cleanliness, quality & compliance play a vital role.


Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is a highly experienced ISO9001:2008 approved specialist manufacturer and distributor of cable assemblies offering a wide range of services to meet your vital requirements.

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Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd launch an ebay store


Now it's even easier to get fantastic deals from Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd as we launch our new Ebay Store.
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to visit our eBay store today

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