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Cable assemblies consist of a string of cables all transmitting information via electrical currents, which are then all clamped together. There are different means by which they can be clamped, and these include cable ties, electrical tape and cable lacing.

When looking for build to order custom cable assemblies, wiring harness, wiring loom, box build assembly, complex looms, large and special assemblies, expertise should be your number one priority.

Hunter Cable Assembly has a very simple strategy - to always be one of the top suppliers to each of our customers - that way we never lose any. Customers love our cable assemblies for the professional manner of our work. We are able to deliver whatever products our customers need to a high quality standard, on time and with a competitive price. We deliver a service that ensures our customers achieve the lowest cost of ownership.

There are many wires required in today’s pieces of technology and they can sometimes reach several kilometres, so by combining them as they are in a cable assembly, they take up less room.

They are also protected against moisture and are generally a lot easier to install as only one connector needs to be connected as opposed to all the separate wires individually.


Cable Assemblies UK

A cable assembly can be specifically designed so it fits the requirement of the machine and the wires it requires. Once the amount of wire, and the length it is needed at, has been worked out the wire is cut to size and then stripped to expose the metal.

These are manufactured by hand, due to the wires needing to be routed through sleeves, taped with fabric tape, crimping the terminals onto wires, inserting one sleeve into another, and all the other intricate details which go into making cable assembly.


Custom Cable Assemblies

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of cable assembly and other wiring products. We can build to order cable assembly, wiring harness, cable loom, sub-assembly and other types of cabling products.

With more than 30 years experience of designing and manufacturing cable assembly, Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd can produce whatever your machine requires.

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