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Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturer - Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd

With more than 30 years experience as a custom cable assembly manufacturer, we have the ability to produce whatever assembly you require: high complexity, low complexity, high mix & high volume.


Our staff are trained and certified to the IPC620 Quality and Acceptance ensuring a high level of workmanship throughout.

With production facilities in the UK we can respond to short term fluctuations in demand.

Moreover Hunter Cable Assembly is able to provide a complete service from design, drawing and prototyping through to full production volume.

custom cable assembly

Types of assemblies:

  • Multi-core - Multi-breakout harness
  • IDC Flat Ribbon
  • Multi-core Data Cables
  • Network Patch Leads
  • Audio Leads
  • Coaxial
  • Moulded Assemblies
  • Ruggedised Sealed Connectors
  • Box Build
  • Braid Straps
  • Coiled cable assemblies
  • Cat 5/6e cables


Wiring Harness and Loom

Complex Cable Looms and Wiring Harnesses from Hunter Cable Assembly

Hunter Cable Assembly Ltd is able to supply the complete range of assemblies from the simplest cable to the most complex harness.

Digital, analogue, power and RF signals can all be incorporated into a single loom assembly for ease of installation.

panel assembly example

Types of harnesses:

  • Military Wiring
  • Panel Wiring
  • Military Vehicle wiring
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Traffic Management
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Datacomms & Telecomms
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Entertainment / Audio & Visual


We offer full programme / project management.


Connector Manufacturers:


All dominant connector manufacturers e.g.:

  • Amphenol
  • AMP / TYCO
  • JST
  • ITT Canon

Tooling to support all the dominant manufacturers and connector styles:

crimp and poke loom

  • Multipin circular connectors

  • Multipin rectangular connectors

  • RF connectors

  • Crimp & poke home


This is not a comprehensive list.

For more information please contact our sales team on 01189 325 120 or via email here